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34 DIY Christmas Gifts People Actually Like To Get

One of the nasty things of do-it-yourself projects is that they often results in crafts that nobody really wants to have. But who can you say no, right?

But whether you’re going to go the DIY route for fun, profit or because you have to, the result doesn’t have to be dismal.

Here’re 34 Christmas gifts that you can make and the people actually like to receive.

  1. Almost everyone loves homemade truffles. If you’ve never made truffles before, try this recipe from Alton Brown.
  2. unbaked, made-from-scratch cookie kits
  3. Create a secret hollow book
  4. create a recipe booklet containing a collection of your favorite holiday recipes.
  5. a homemade hand warmer
  6. themed gift baskets
  7. memory drawings: “Draw a very simple black-and-white picture of a memory that you have of you and the person (e.g. me and my dad playing NES back in the day). This could be a very simple (think Shel Silverstein) drawing. Frame it and gift. “
  8. home-made travel brochure; perfect for adventurous young minds
  9. Give the gift of experience: sky diving, scuba lessons, hot-air balloon rides, cooking school, lunch with a hero, etc.
  10. What could be cuter than a stuffed pig? This project from Martha Stewart allows those who are handy with needlework to assemble an adorable, docile pet from felted wool, a pipe cleaner, and some cotton or polyester fill. (Crafty Daisies has instructions for making a felt penguin, and Expert Village has a video series demonstrating how to make stuffed animals.)
  11. Build a gingerbread house.
  12. Brad suggested giving the gift of time or skill. Brad has given music lessons. He has colleagues who have given bike tune-ups and wine advice. 
  13. home-made almond roca.
  14. One Christmas when I was a poor college student, I leafed through children’s books at the library, looking for pages and pictures that reminded me of various friends. I photocopied these pages, colored them by hand, and then framed them with construction paper. I added a little note to each friend on the back of her piece. I spent maybe $10 total for all my gifts, though it took hours of my time. That was perfect: In college, I had plenty of time, but very little money, and making these things felt like an act of love. But giving somebody a CD I bought from Amazon? Not so much.
  15. personalized calendars
  16. create one of several dime-store games
  17. learn how to make stuff, including these marble magnets.
  18. personalized gifts of art
  19. a gourmet salt assortment.
  20. reate a spice sampler
  21. “We are now writing a chapter of our family history each year.”
  22. felt-backed tile trivets.
  23. personalized mirrors with one word affirmations, like ‘fabulous’ and ‘gorgeous’. 
  24. For several years, my wife and I gave each other love coupons. Sounds sappy, I know. But it was nice to be able to come home at the end of the day and redeem a coupon for a dinner out, or for a back rub, or for an evening watching a favorite movie.
  25. a family trivia game with questions that make them talk to other family members.
  26. stationery sets to give
  27. make homemade granola
  28. teacup candles
  29. a memory jar.
  30. create your first family cookbook.
  31. Personal gift certificates
  32. compile a mixed CD every year
  33. joke boxes
  34. Make your own cards

Full details at the link.

A Do-It-Yourself Christmas: 34 Great Gifts You Can Make Yourself